• Luxury Retreat for Furry Friends - Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa in Prescott
    Luxury Retreat for Furry Friends: Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa in Prescott

    In the heart of Prescott, Arizona, nestled amid the scenic beauty of the Southwest, lies a haven that's not


  • Pamper Your Pooch - Inside Prescott's Premier Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa
    Pamper Your Pooch: Inside Prescott’s Premier Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa

    Prescott, Arizona, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures, making it an ideal destination for both humans


  • Unleash the Fun - Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa's Prescott Adventure
    Unleash the Fun: Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa’s Prescott Adventure

    Prescott, Arizona, is a place of stunning natural beauty and outdoor excitement, and now, your furry companion can join


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Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa is proud to have a veterinarian on staff and is only a phone call away. We’re trained to handle any medical issues that could arise while your pet stays with us. Your pets are in good hands at Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa!


Hassayampa Canine Resort offers a membership only daycare model. This allows your dog to become comfortable with our staff and resort. All dogs must come in twice a month to continue their membership. This environment will insure your furry friends sees their pals regularly and maintain their great play and manners. Our daycare membership model helps our staff learn your dog while your dog learns to love our outdoor play times. We offer one-on-one or group play depending on the needs of your dog.