Overnight Boarding

hassayampa_canine_resort_spa-boardingSetting us apart, this is how we meet and exceed your needs when providing personalized attention and superior care to your dog in an orderly, clean, safe & enriching environment:


  • Specially designed HVAC systems ensure up to 12 complete air exchanges per hour throughout the kennels to provide a constant stream of fresh clean air.
  • In-floor radiant heating during the cooler winter months.
  • Automatic canine drinking water bowls or other appropriate water systems that provide an unlimited supply of cool, fresh water.
  • Boarding suites are the safest and the most sanitary of all customized kennels systems.
  • Privacy panels provide a solid barrier between boarding suites.
  • Executive suites are oversized, provide additional privacy and have flat screen televisions that feature Direct TV’s Dog Channel.
  • All boarding suites are bright, safe, comfortable and equipped with resting beds.


  • Canine guests go outside with us every 1 1/2 hours from 5:30 AM until 7:30 PM to eliminate and play.
  • Because our canine guests go outside 7 times a day they are both mentally and physically stimulated.
  • 7 play and potty trips outside give our guests opportunities to interact with staff and dogs, as appropriate and desired, and reinforces good housekeeping behavior.


  • All canine guests eat twice a day and are kept on their own diets. They are to arrive with clearly labeled meals and specific feeding instructions.
  • All meals are prepared individually to your exact specifications.
  • Every meal is supplemented with digestive enzymes and probiotics to bolster the digestive system throughout your dog’s stay.


  • All medications left with us should be in their original pharmaceutical containers.
  • All medications are carefully administered as specifically directed by your veterinarian.
  • All medications are safely and securely stored.


  • Three puppy Vaccinations for parvovirus and distemper are required. In addition, rabies vaccination is required by law. Puppies must be at least 16 weeks or 4 months old to board. Titer tests for parvovirus, distemper, and rabies that demonstrate probable protective immunity may be substituted.
  • We recommend the bordetella vaccine but do no require it. However, if you decide not to vaccinate you will be required to sign a waiver. Bordetella vaccines are available at HCRS.

Coordination of Care

  • To ensure that every physical, mental and medical need of each dog on site is being met, all kennel personnel, front office staff, and management engage in scheduled daily staff meetings.

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