Health, Behavior, and Safety Education

To ensure your pet stays as happy, healthy and safe as possible while in our care, Hassayampa team members receive training and continuing education on a variety of canine issues. We ask that pet owners please alert us to any health conditions and behavior concerns upon check-in so that we can make sure to handle and monitor your pet properly during their stay.

As a service to our clients, below are helpful links to informational articles about the health, safety and behavior issues we watch for in our guests.


How to recognize heart disease in dogs

How to recognize kennel cough/respiratory infections

How to recognize diabetes in dogs

Evaluating gum color and respiratory emergencies

Common eye issues and injuries in dogs

Causes of lameness/limping in dogs

Signs of canine pain

Disease risks for dogs in social environments

Basic tips for handling injured pets


Recognizing and handling aggression in dogs

Recognizing and handling fear and anxiety in dogs

Stress triggers for dogs

Canine ladder of aggression

Meeting and greeting new dogs


Canine handling safety tips

Leash skills