Could Your Pet Use a Professional Massage?

Could Your Pet Use a Professional Massage?

To many, getting a massage is one of the most relaxing things they could think of. While we’re sure the same goes for dogs, there are other health benefits that a professional massage could provide. Because of the analogous nature of human and canine nervous and circulatory systems, veterinary experts agree that the already known benefits of massage therapy for humans can be quite similar for dogs.  

Physically, a massage can help improve blood circulation, ease digestion and reduce scar tissue. It has also been evidenced that massages lead to better muscle health and increased range of motion, especially for older dogs. Older pets experiencing pain with inflammation, dysplastic conditions or arthritic issues would find comfort in a massage treatment. 

Your pet’s mental well-being can be just as important as their physical, and a professional massage can enhance their overall mental state. In fact, by relieving compounded tension, decreasing blood pressure and ultimately calming the nervous system, massage therapy can reduce anxiety in your dog. This could, in turn, strengthen their immune system, which isn’t able to perform at its best if the nervous system is under heavy stress. 

There are so many benefits hidden in the relaxation of a canine massage, which is why we offer them not just when your pet comes to stay with us, but as a separate appointment as well. At Hassayampa Canine Pet Resort & Spa, each massage is performed by a certified veterinary professional. With flexible hours and a team of canine massage therapists, we make a point of being available to meet both your needs and your pet’s.  

Call us today at (928) 776-0932 to learn more about canine massage or to schedule an appointment for your furry friend. 

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