Meet the Owners


We’re excited to announce that Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa is now owned by Dr. Leonda Armstrong, a veterinarian and the owner of Circle L Animal Hospital in Chino Valley, and her husband, Jim David. With Dr. Armstrong only ever a phone call away, and with the knowledgeable staff you and your pets know and love, we’re uniquely prepared to handle any medical issues that could arise while your pet stays with us.

We still have the same excellent staff, and we still offer the same great boarding and daycare services, which always include plenty of playtime.

We have new services available to your dogs through 4Paws Rehabilitation and Wellness Clinic as well. At 4Paws, which is located adjacent to Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa, we offer canine massage, canine rehabilitation and water treadmill therapy. Dr Armstrong is certified in acupuncture and as a rehabilitation therapist, she is also specializing in alternative medicine treatments, like acupuncture and laser therapy. Rehabilitation and alternative medicine can be used to treat many conditions as well as for weight loss and conditioning, so contact us for more information on how these new services can help your dog live a more comfortable life.

Dr. Armstrong and Jim are excited to get to know you and your pets! If you have any questions, please give us a call at 928-277-4039.